Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Aercomp uses your personal data. This information is provided to help comply with our obligations under UK data protection legislation, including the EU GDPR.

In general, we aim to minimise any collection of your personal data. Since Aercomp sells mainly to businesses, we are able to operate with only a small amount of your personal details.

When you browse this website, we will temporarily store your IP address in our web server logs. The purpose of this is to allow us and our IT provider to troubleshoot issues and deal with malicious/unauthorised uses of this website. While it may be possible to identify a user from their IP address, we do not intend to attempt to do this.

When you contact us, we may use your contact details to deal with your enquiry and follow it up in future. We may retain your contact details for the purposes of this follow up and to enable us to identify you in our records for contractual and regulatory reasons. Please be aware that as we are required to keep certain records effectively indefinitely due to customer contractual requirements, this may also require that your name and contact details are kept with it.